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Make your people smarter with Cyber Talent Development.

Cyber Talent Development is a comprehensive, role-based training solution
that shapes present and future workforce capabilities to align with
your organization’s strategic plans.

N2K is the Strategic Workforce Intelligence provider trusted by leading enterprises

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Data-driven cybersecurity training and workforce development.

Using the data from Cyber Talent Insights, N2K provides a suite of training and development solutions to help your cybersecurity workforce get up the knowledge curve and stay there. An always-on source of education and situational awareness, Cyber Talent Development allows your team to close skills gaps while providing leaders with insight into training improvements and return on investment.


Tailor cybersecurity training to fit the needs of your team using N2K's Cyber Talent Insights.


Premium cybersecurity training courses for IT to the C-Suite

Comprehensive online courses that offer targeted training for today's top technical cybersecurity and cyber-enabled roles. Whether you're looking to upskill your junior talent into security operations or elevate your executive team's cybersecurity literacy, your teams will come away with the core knowledge and skills to excel in their roles and continuously uphold the security posture of your organization.

Features of N2K training courses


Custom Live Online Training Sessions

For unique training needs or a deep dive into specific topics. Can also be delivered via multiple cohorts for decentralized teams.


Configurable On-Demand Video Lessons

Course content is modular in design to be able to consume a course in full or pull only necessary content or modules.

Performance Tracker

Individual Performance Tracker

Participants can self-assess strengths and weaknesses in specific domains and sub-domains with personal dashboard.


Team Engagement Analytics

Live Sessions that study best practices, question-specific approaches, and strategies to manage test day anxiety.


Tune in to the Customer interview on Learning Layer

Learning Layer is N2K's newest Workforce Intelligence segment on the CyberWire Daily Podcast. In this episode, Executive Director Sam Meisenberg speaks with Phil, a leader from the telecommunications company, about the value of workforce development and training, and how N2K helped him achieve his team goals. 


Premium cybersecurity training courses for IT to the C-Suite

Our exam prep library includes training for several leading industry vendors including Amazon Web ServicesCompTIAMicrosoft, and more. With over 25 years of combined experience in exam prep with companies Kaplan and Transcender, we ensure only the highest quality in our tools. Our methodology ensures learners understand the full scope of the topic, not just the right answer to a question.

Features of N2K Practice Tests & Labs

Knowledge Check Quiz

Practice Questions

Customizable quizzes and exam simulations with multiple choice questions and detailed explanations.



Customizable text-entry flashcards which covers exam terms and concepts.

Performance Tracker

Performance Tracker

Analyzes and establishes your strengths and weaknesses on specific CC domains and sub-domains.


Hands-On Application

Put skills to the test using guided labs.


Stress test your incident response and business
continuity plan

N2K's Cybersecurity Tabletop Exercise is an interactive breach simulation exercise that educates participants to react quickly and strategically in the face of a cyber crisis. Choose from a prefixed or customized breach scenario and then, led by one of our expert facilitators, you and your team will work together to make instantaneous decisions based on limited real-time information.

Key takeaways following the tabletop exercise:

  • Identify the single points of failure
  • Uncover and rectify any confusion about responsibilities
  • Address missing links in the chain of command
  • Determine who should be in charge and how final decisions are made
  • Clarify the role your executive leadership plays
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Daily intelligence for cyber professionals

An always-on, daily diet of high-quality, easy-to-consume content including thought leadership from the world's leading experts and visionaries plus the latest news on threats, policies, trends, and more. Home to leading podcasts including:

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