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How to hire, develop, and keep skilled cybersecurity talent with Workforce Intelligence

How to hire, develop, and retain skilled cybersecurity talent with Workforce Intelligence - N2K Cyber Workforce Strategy Guide

Cybersecurity leaders need a different approach to enhancing their cyber talent development strategy. Using Workforce Intelligence, leaders have a data-driven decision-making tool to improve hiring, development, and retention of highly skilled cyber talent. In this step-by-step guide, we'll cover:

  • Common cyber workforce development issues
  • What is Workforce Intelligence and how it impacts your people strategy
  • How to establish cyber talent development goals and benchmarks
  • Key applications of Workforce Intelligence to achieve goals
  • Tips, case studies, and supplemental resources

While industry reports have shown that security leaders understand the need for prioritizing workforce development, many indicate this is still one of their biggest struggles.

Data & Insights

Limited insight on workforce capabilities or training ROI, misguiding budget decisions or alignment to org goals.

Org Structure

Unclear job role definitions, skill & competency expectations, and career progression maps impeding employee retention.


Job descriptions are too generalized, overcomplicated, or outdated. In search of unicorns vs actual demands of the role and company.


Training and L&D efforts are focused on the individual vs the collective, creating disparate workforce capabilities.