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N2K Networks launches T-Minus Space Daily, the world’s only daily space news podcast.


FULTON, Md., Apr 17, 2023 /PRNewswire/

N2K Networks, a leading provider of strategic workforce intelligence, announces its entry into the space industry with the launch of the world’s only daily space news podcast, T-Minus Space Daily.

N2K Networks is unveiling T-Minus Space Daily as a dedicated news-to-knowledge intelligence product designed to help space professionals stay in the know about the latest developments across the industry. In today's fast-paced space industry where technology, business, and operations are constantly changing, keeping up with the latest and staying informed has never been more challenging.

"We’re thrilled to enter the fast-moving space market with T-Minus and keep professionals in the space industry a step ahead with valuable insights and actionable intelligence," said Peter Kilpe, CEO of N2K Networks. "With the launch of the CyberWire in 2016, we spearheaded the news-to-knowledge evolution in workforce intelligence for cybersecurity, and now we’re doing it again for the space industry."

The T-Minus Space Daily provides expertly produced industry intelligence that helps professionals stay informed through a comprehensive podcast. Every weekday, the crew delivers in-depth industry analysis, decision-maker insights, and engaging discussions featuring prominent experts from industry, academia, research organizations, government, and more.

Brandon Karpf, Executive Producer of N2K Space, added, "T-Minus is purpose-built to be the go-to source for space professionals to stay at the cutting edge. My team’s mission is to deliver more signal and less noise, every day, to ensure our audience knows what's happening and why it matters."

T-Minus empowers space professionals with the daily dose of insights and intelligence they need to succeed in the industry,” shared Maria Varmazis. “We’re creating a resource for the people who drive the space industry forward, who make it excel for the good of humanity. This is by far the most exciting project I’ve ever been a part of.”

Experience the world's only daily space news podcast by following T-Minus Space Daily wherever you listen to your favorite podcasts, and join the N2K Space network to stay in the know of all things space. Learn more at space.n2k.com.

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