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Higher team engagement & performance with customized cyber training for large North American telecommunications company.


Listen to the Customer interview.


A large telecommunications company was looking to train and retain top cyber talent.

As part of this effort, they launched a large-scale corporate reskilling program to upskill new hires and junior talent. These employees would eventually fill open positions aligned to three distinct job roles: Application Security Tester, Network Security Integrator, and SOC Specialist.


N2K rolled out a 6-month, two-phase program that assessed the population to get a knowledge baseline and then filled knowledge gaps with training informed by the assessment results. 

The first phase consisted of a 34-question skills assessment tailored to the NICE framework. The data from the assessment was presented to management and helped them get more visibility into their teams’ existing skills and knowledge. 

Phase two consisted of three learning pathways that filled knowledge gaps identified by the assessment and provided the additional necessary skills to help the junior talent become job-ready. The pathways featured certification and role-based training, mixing in live online and on-demand content.


Tune in to the interview on Learning Layer

In N2K's newest Workforce Intelligence segment on the CyberWire Daily Podcast, Learning Layer, Executive Director Sam Meisenberg speaks with Phil, a leader from the telecommunications company, about the value of and his passion for workforce development, and how N2K helped him achieve his team goals. 


Leaders got insight into their junior talent through a diagnostics dashboard and were able to identify existing knowledge and skill levels. 

Moreover, the Customer achieved:

  • 99% Security+ exam pass rate
  • A talent pool of 80+ job-ready professionals 
  • Improved employee morale and job satisfaction
  • Newfound confidence and trust in junior talent with real-world security tasks and assignments

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