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Fortune Global 500 enterprise software company modernized cyber job families to align workforce strategy with business mission.


The Head of Corporate Security at a multinational enterprise software company wanted to update its job family classification by creating new job families for cyber roles and teams.

This effort was complicated by the complexity of the company's legacy mission and business areas that were historically focused on software development and engineering. As the business evolved over the past decade, cybersecurity, and in turn cyber roles, had become more prevalent and critical to the business. As such, the job family classifications needed to be updated to reflect the company's more modern approach.


Connecting the dots between cyber roles and new strategic vision.

N2K's Talent Insights team supported the Customer in reevaluating their current cyber job family classifications by surveying and assessing the various cyber roles and required skillsets. The N2K team interviewed key stakeholders and job managers across the company and analyzed the dozens of cyber roles to provide a detailed skill breakdown and analysis that aligned with industry standards and the new corporate mission. 


A structured analytical approach paved the way for a revamped cyber job family framework.

N2K's insights didn't just contribute to an updated system; they facilitated the creation of an entirely new 'cyber' job family, incorporating existing and proposed roles aligned with modern cybersecurity demands. N2K's recommendations extended to detailed job descriptions, enhancing the Customer's appeal to high-caliber cyber talent.

This strategic realignment expedited the company's classification overhaul by 6-9 months, delivering an up-to-date reflection of employee roles and a workforce strategy resonating with the firm's current mission. The impact was multifaceted: improved retention rates due to accurate role representation, increased attractiveness to prospective talent, and a fortified cybersecurity posture aligned with contemporary business challenges.


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