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Leading HR Information System provider rebuilt 19 cyber job roles to reform career pathways and boost retention.


The CISO at a Fortune 1000 HRIS company was looking for a better way to standardize their current cybersecurity job roles. 

Before coming to N2K, the Customer previously attempted to update cyber job roles internally, but found efforts lacked objectivity, standardization, or clear data-driven insights. The organization chose N2K’s Talent Insights solution to provide: 

  • Analysis and standardization of their cybersecurity job roles
  • Data-driven assessment of the current workforce’s skills and proficiencies
  • A comprehensive career framework to drive retention and support a positive work culture

Resetting the narrative to align organizational needs of cyber job roles with industry standards.

N2K's Talent Insights team introduced a systematic, data-oriented methodology aligned with the NICE Framework. N2K integrated the Customer's initial efforts, expanding the scope to include an in-depth analysis and visualizations for 19 distinct cyber job roles.

This approach wasn't just about filling gaps; it involved redefining role expectations and success factors, extracting objective insights from subjective constructs, and setting a new standard for job analyses within the Customer's cybersecurity organization.


N2K's data-driven strategy crystallized competency and proficiency expectations, creating a clear understanding and standardization of role requirements.

Unique data visualizations underscored individual role distinctions, simplifying efforts for building career progression paths, both vertical and lateral. This clarity informed realistic training programs and transitional support for personnel, enhancing individual career trajectories and overall team competence.

Moreover, the insights derived were instrumental in overhauling the Customer's job classification and compensation structures. By modernizing job titles and recalibrating compensation to reflect role-specific demands, the Customer could strategically position itself as an employer of choice for top-tier cyber talent. The ripple effect of these changes was profound, leading to improved talent attraction, enhanced retention rates, and a fortified cybersecurity workforce ready to tackle emerging digital threats with confidence.


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