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Revamping the cybersecurity apprenticeship program for graduates at a Fortune 100 technology company.


A tech giant partnered with N2K to offer foundational cybersecurity training to college graduates in their apprenticeship program.

The objective behind seeking external training was to equip the recent graduates with strong baseline knowledge of cybersecurity so they could effectively participate in on-the-job shadowing and activities during the apprenticeship, in addition to provide clarity on potential career paths within the organization upon completion of the program.


The apprentices were enrolled in N2K's Critical Knowledge cybersecurity training.

Over the course of two months, the apprentices trained on foundational cybersecurity pillars such as Networking, Threats & Attacks, Network Security, Security Engineering, GRC, and Security Operations. They had access to on-demand video lessons, skills assessments, live online teaching sessions, and hands-on labs to support engagement and retention efforts. The package also included access to CyberWire Pro, part of N2K’s Industry Insights capabilities, to provide ongoing education and industry insights through daily podcasts and briefings.


Ready to put their skills to work.

Upon completion of the apprenticeship program, learners received a foundation of cybersecurity knowledge that was wide enough in scope to help them determine preferred career paths within the organization.

Positive Learner Feedback:

"[The hands-on labs] helped reduce the intimidation around the technology.”


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