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Fortune 100 financial services firm streamlines talent acquisition, cutting time to fill vacant cyber roles.


The Cyber Talent Director at a Fortune 100 financial services firm wanted to better identify and hire more qualified candidates.

 The Customer faced ongoing difficulties in recruiting qualified cybersecurity talent. After much deliberation, they attributed the challenges to outdated and inaccurate job descriptions that failed to appropriately highlight the competencies and proficiencies necessary for each role.

Aligning cyber job role expectations with job descriptions.

N2K’s Talent Insights team carefully analyzed 15 cyber job roles to identify the key knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSAs) needed for each position. The team first consulted with the Customer's managers and team leads to get a full understanding of their requirements and expectations of role competencies. Afterward, they conducted a cross-comparison, measuring the results from the qualitative analysis against current job descriptions to uncover any discrepancies. The team then used this information to update the Customer's job descriptions to reflect the correct expectations of these roles.


The refined job descriptions attracted more of the right candidates, simplifying the recruitment process.

The improved job descriptions helped streamline talent sourcing and acquisition, saving operational costs for the customer sourcing team as well as enhanced operational readiness by reducing idle time from any unfilled positions.


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